Displaying Designer Jewelry

Pam Older at the Boston Gift Show -Spring 2011

Setting up for a trade show takes planning and a lot of props.

I have learned a few tricks of the trade having sold my designer jewelry at many shows for the last 8 years. The first necessity is to put your  earrings on! Jewelry always looks best on a real human being than on a display!

Start out with enough space and enough light. The most important thing is good lighting. Bring a floor lamp, clip on spots,  freestanding lamps with adjustable heads and tracks to highlight the booth or table. Track lights can be hung using heavy duty plastic ties if you order a bar to go across the front part of your booth. If you get to your  booth and find you do not have enough wattage for the lights you need, you can usually order (for a fee) extra wattage.

When setting up your booth, remember that levels can add interest to your display and will focus your customer’s eyes on your wares. You can use plexi-glass or wood risers, small tables, or even boxes to create different heights and sections. I collect textiles and Buddhas from my travels for unique table covers, pretty guest books and unique boxes to put my business cards in.  They all contribute to an interesting, well put together display.

Professional jewelry necklace necks are a great way to show your designs – consider layering necklaces and placing complimentary earrings on or close to the necklace displays. Search for interesting racks for earrings and necklaces and earring t-stands.

Personal style can be brought to the display by using things you love. Pillows, branches, statues, china cups and glass bottles are all good props that can make your jewelry displays more interesting. Pebbles, coffee beans, stone tiles or other natural textured backgrounds all look  great as a backdrop for jewelry.  A sheet of frosted Plexi-glass makes a beautiful table top- and for the table legs I have seen folding cardboard pedestals that are  light weight and fold down to nothing!  I recommend a booth that focuses on lightweight items.  Transporting your booth, set up, and breakdown will be much easier.

Finally, always have a guest book available for people to sign. Their email addresses will help you stay in touch and market to them in the future.


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