My Tribute to Steve Jobs

Apple has been my choice since 1984. The picture below is the first Apple I brought home! I think I have owned nearly every one of their devices since then, with the exception of a year long consulting job where I was forced to use a PC. I still cringe.

In 1994, when I was in charge of IT, we installed a 300 seat Mac network at The New Yorker Magazine with much kicking a…nd screaming among the editors and business folks. People were terrified of technology back then and it was NOT cool. Within a year, thanks to owner Si Newhouse’s trust in our vision, we had saved the magazine millions by bringing our graphics in-house and increasing productivity.

The introduction of iTunes and iPad made Apple’s signature technology and style affordable and attractive to our children, who up until recently always favored PC’s (we debated technology in our house & I always lost). Now, the world “gets it” and Apple is cool. It took too long in my estimation.

In my new life as a designer and entrepreneur my 27″ Mac and iPhone are all I need to be a one woman band. RIP Steve, you are so fortunate to have lived your dreams. Thanks for bringing us your magical thinking and drive so that we can live our dreams and reap the many benefits of technology.


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