Dreams of Asia

People always ask me where I get my ideas from.  I tell them the inspirations are endless, but Asia is a strong influence when it comes to my color and design sensibility.  Ninety percent of the semiprecious gemstones that I use in my handmade jewelry, come from India.  The stones are mined all over, but generally they are polished and exported from there.  Along with the bold visual aspects of the subcontinent, I am fascinated by the distinct religions, sects and diverse cultures living in close proximity.  I am fascinated by the ancient, ancient history of the kings and warriors and the art that tells it all. The art can surprise you, be it folksy, sophisticated, vivid, subtle, funny or erotic (The Kama Sutra Temples in Khajuraho embodies all those traits).  And then there’s the architecture…well let’s just say they don’t build it like that anymore! The layering of garments and jewelry, the mysterious makeup and veils, the abandon of color, the chaotic city streets, the monkeys in the jungles of Thailand and in the historic forts of India, the distant Himalayas in Nepal and the welcoming people, with the help of my pictures, all live vividly in my memory.


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