Selling Your Handmade Jewelry, Part Three

Brass Parrot Necklace
Brass Parrot Necklace

The most effective way to sell my jewelry has always been a face to face visit to a store.  Even once a customer is established, most still want to see your newer items in person.

I started using an online line sheet program recently. It has helped me provide  a “catalog” to my wholesale customers instantly. I input a jpeg image for every item I want to promote as well as a product description and price information. When I am done it generates a web link so my customers can view pam older designs collections online.  The program displays all the items and zooms in on the product when a mouse is passed over it.  It makes for a very neat organized presentation of my handmade jewelry. It has only been a month but a few people have ordered from it and it is a very good lead generator.  I send it to catalog buyers too and the feedback has been very good.  It also functions as an internal database of my jewelry for my company. My assistants and I use it internally for identifying styles, tagging merchandise and filling orders.

For retail sales I usually point people to my website by providing links in emails, Linked In, Facebook and other social media applications to drive traffic.  I am going to explore Google Ads Words and Facebook ads in the near future. If anyone has any ideas or great store or catalog contacts- please let me know! Free jewelry will be yours for any new customers that place orders!!


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