Selling Your Handmade Jewelry Wholesale, Part 6

Buddha on Long Pyrite Chain- #172

Many subjects are covered in this blog about selling wholesale to stores and catalogs who sell handmade jewelry.  My biggest challenge as a small business is to stay in touch with my customers! How do you do it when you have a sales team of one? As I have mentioned in previous blogs, trade shows, no matter how epensive and time consuming they may be are the most efficient way to reach your buyers.  I use Constant Comment for emailing updates to my wholesale buyers. They all contain beautiful photography of new and classic jewelry from Pam Older Designs and links to my online line sheets and website. The line sheets have become my bible and every new product, description, picture, price and style number go online for my wholesale customers to see and order from, and for my own reference site.  I use a system called that will allow you to do the same!

Editorial exposure is also a great way to increase brand awareness and sales.  Submit  hi resolution images of your earrings, bracelets and necklaces on a white background and you may be surprised how quickly you get picked up- especially by trade magazines that have limited budgets for photography and need lots of content.  Consult their editorial calendars and try to send them items that will fit their themed issues.

Do you find your wholesale jewelry customers want to see you in person or are they getting comfortable ordering online? I think wholesale buyers still prefer ordering when they can see and touch the merchandise, but keeping a customer’s interest in your brand means you need new tools too.Wonder what the trends will be for this coming season? Most of my Fall orders came in from the NY International Gift Fair, and I am just now making the rounds to customers who like to see me in person.


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