Advertise on Facebook- Keeping it Simple

18k Collection
18k Collection

As a start for this blog- please like me on Facebook!  The reason I am asking you to do this is because you should ask your customers to do this too. Also I need more likes 🙂

Start small with your Facebook ads. Use your strongest geographical and demographical base to begin your campaigns and then target to those people. Target your customer specifically- you want to reach the type of person who will spend more for your high end artisan hand crafted jewelry. Have multiple ads and see which ones preform the best. Test the waters and remember the peak times of year to advertise for gifts. Your handcrafted artisan jewelry may not be the kind of item that women will buy for themselves so reach out to men around the holidays!  Jewelry will be purchased for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas, but a lead up to these holidays is very important. People need to be reminded and see your ad many times BEFORE the actual holiday so they are predisposed and familiar with your styles.

Use a small bid and budget and work your way up or down until you see results. Remember advertising is an investment and may not pay off immediately.  I ran an ad on Facebook many months ago and did not get business from it until the holidays! When I asked people who placed orders on the web at Pam Older Designs how they found me, they attributed to seeing an ad they saw at some point early on and remembered.

I am interested in other tips from people who like to keep it simple. Can you share tips for advertising jewelry and other handmade items on Facebook? What ads, headlines targeting and budgets work and how do you make it effective but keep it simple?


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