Planning to Exhibit at a Jewelry Wholesale Show? Need Advice?

ImageMy blog post about setting up a trade show booth for handmade jewelry was my most popular blog post. I have recieved over 50 phone calls asking me for advice! When I started selling my handmade jewelry at The New York Gift Show and ENK Accessories Circuit I really had no one to ask. I visited a couple of shows to try to figure out how it was done and I saw everything from plain rental jewelry cases to wonderful whimsical designs. Most of the designers really had great concepts designed to show off their handcrafted jewelry to its best. Unlock the creativity and follow your instincts, but know about the practicalities of transporting, unloading, setting up and displaying your wares before you go.

I have decided to turn my many years of show experience with Pam Older Designs handcrafted jewelry into a service for new exhibitors. It is hard getting advice about booth design. Competitors don’t like to share their experience and they are desperately afraid of being copied. I have found most trade shows really don’t supply all the advice, if any, from a designers perspective. They certainly don’t tell you how much hard work is involved. Commonly they will refer you to the convention centers facilities and design departments where you will pay top dollar for solutions. If you have questions on displays, floor plans, lighting, security, and where to find good resources I can advise you.  If you would like advice or a critique on your booth plans I am all eyes!

I charge $100.00 an hour for phone consultations. You will find it valuable if you are new to  trade show or high end craft show circuit. Send me pictures or plans for your booth if you have them or if not we can talk about how to plan for your first wholesale show. or 914-630-0017



2 thoughts on “Planning to Exhibit at a Jewelry Wholesale Show? Need Advice?

    • Pam Older

      Thanks Kelly, I have consulted quite a bit of late. This business is not for the timid! You have to have fortitude, creativity and deep pockets to do it right. I have the first three! I wish you luck with your endeavors and please call on me if you ever need help.In the meant time thanks for liking Pam Older Designs Jewelry.


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