Give Her a Gift Certificate So She Can Choose Her Own Designer Jewelry

designer jewelryFinding the right gift for the woman you love can be difficult. Sometimes it’s just too hard to pick out the gift yourself. Did she say she likes opals or pearls? Did she say that she dislikes aquamarine but loves tourmaline, or was it the other way around? Take the guesswork out of your shopping and give her a gift certificate from Pam Older Designs. By giving her a gift certificate you are giving her the gift of being able to take her time and browse through our collection of designer jewelry to find the perfect piece. A gift certificate is a thoughtful, personal gift that she can use in our store to find something she loves and wants to wear day after day, thinking of you.

We’ll send her vellum gift certificate in a pretty box so it is ready to give to her right away. We have gift certificates available in $50 and $250 amounts, so you can choose the one that’s right for your budget. She’ll get free money on her order, too, so she won’t have to spend her own money to get her gift here. She’ll be delighted with this gift! Order yours today so you have it in plenty of time for the holiday season.



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