Designer Jewelry Terms

When browsing through the jewelry selection on Pam Older Designs website, you may come across some terms you aren’t familiar with. That’s why we’ve created a Jewelry Glossary to help you understand some of the language we use to describe our jewelry. Read through the page and familiarize yourself with this language and you’ll be a jewelry expert while shopping on our site!

Here are some words you might come across:

Vermeil: This is pure sterling silver on the inside with an outer coating of real gold. Treat vermeil pieces gently so it doesn’t oxidize and crack. We recommend keeping in a ziplock bag to keep it shiny and never wear it in the water.

Briolettes: A faceted bead that’s oval or teardrop shaped. You’ll see briolettes in most of our pieces!

Cabochons: A gem that’s been highly polished, and is convex and unfaceted.

Have questions about anything else you see on our website but isn’t explained in our glossary? Just contact us! We are happy to answer your questions and ensure you are fully informed on the pieces you love. Just give us a call at 866-312-6859 or email us. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

First time shoppers get 10% off of our handcrafted designer jewelry! Visit our website’s homepage You’ll find a 10% coupon code that you can enter at checkout to receive your discount.


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