Getting Ready for Holiday Jewelry Sales

imageIt’s true, most artisan jewelers make most of their sales and profit during the last two months of the year! So how do you capture those free wheeling holiday buyers?

Sadly, times have changed and the term free wheeling buyers is a thing of the past!Most customers are looking for moderate pricing and value this time of year too. But they are also looking for something special, so that ‘s where you come in.

Think of ways you can promote your jewelry like the big retailers do.Promotions often attract customers that in the end, find something else they like better and pay full price for. In all your messaging emphasis the nature of your work. Buyers of handmade items understand their intristic qualityand uniqueness.

Start early and prepare to get as much exposure as possible. Find time to talk to all your store buyers. Schedule your calls to say thank you for their business all year. Make sure they are well stocked with your merchandise.If you do craft shows, make sure they were booked last August,and if not,create your own events or partner with local retailers and friends to have jewelery parties in their homes. Look for pop-up store opportunities too!

Use Constant Contact of Mail Chimp to broadcast a newsletter with your holiday schedule so people know where to find you and make sure it is linked to all your social media sites. Always use great photography in your emails.if you have banners or a schedule of events page on your website, update it.

I do feature my more expensive pieces around the holidays since men often are looking to fufill their wives’ desires and many women pre-shop! In addition, I keep an abundance of moderate priced items for the “other” people that might otherwise get a gift card! A wide variety of prices will help your sales since no one wants to go away empty handed. As always, my site is updated and features new items. Think Christmas, Hanukah, New Years Eve and Valentines Day now!

I just moved to Newburyport, MA and will be opening a store in 6 months, however, sadly construction is just beginning and the shop will not be ready for the holiday season. To take advantage of my windows, I am covering them with brown paper and twinkly lights. A handwritten message will say, “We aren’t here yet…but we are online at and follow our progress on Facebook”. I am confident this message will attract some new customers in time for the hoildays, but if you have any ideas- chime in!


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