Things to do In Newburyport

IMG_9694 copyNewburyport is a friendly small city that feels like a gem of a town. Its surrounding areas are treasures as well. If you are planning a trip to Northern New England Newburyport is a central spot to stop on your way to New Hampshire or Maine. It is only an hour from Boston.

What do I like in Newburyport itself? I love the tight little streets and historical houses, the Merrimac River and Atlantic Ocean make it feel very fresh and nautical. My handmade jewelry store Pam Older Designs is at 42 Merrimac Street and of course that’s a must see!  I love living here and hope you will come visit us.

Walk around the town and get a coffee at Plum Island Coffee Roasters and see the dock activity on the Merrimac River. The spot is my all time favorite place to star the day or to relax in the afternoon (that’s me with my coffee in the picture above!) The nearby boardwalk passes the park and the Firehouse Theater then goes on for quite a bit as you weave in and out of paths near the river. If you do it right you end up at scenic Joppa Flats with comfortable benches to rest your tired feet.

The Atomic Cafe is great for breakfast or Commune if you like crepes. Angie’s is a diner that has everything you could want. For lunch and dinner I am partial to the Purple Onion on cute Inn Street, or Loretta or Oregano. All are clustered nearby.

For me, the highlight is the beach. On your way, stop at Joppa Fine foods for a picnic lunch with sophisticated offerings of homemade dishes, charcuterie, fine bread and fine cheeses and wine. My quirky favorite Mad Marthas is on Plum Island and opens for breakfast and lunch. Have Mum’s Mix  or their artichoke and chicken sausage omelet- and sneak in a fluffy pancake with real maple syrup or fresh corned beef hash (insider tip- during the Summer months they serve dinner on Thursday nights). It’s in a beach shack right across from the Northern part of the beach.

Plum Island’s southern side has a natural beach and nature reserve 3 miles out of town. You will find a beautiful sandy beach strip 7 miles long with marsh land on one side, dunes on the other. For birder’s and nature lovers it is paradise.

After the beach, go to the bar at Plum Island Grill for the BEST sunsets overlooking the fantastic marshes. On your way back to town Bob’s Lobster is a cool restaurant for seafood. In town, the Grog is a Newburyport pub with very good food-try their Ahi Tuna and or classic New England Haddock and clam chowder- dollar oysters too. The Black Cow deck overlooks the river and out to Plum Island- it is also a very pretty spot to dine.

Near the river are boats that give frequent river tours and others that go out to the ocean on sunset tours. If you are on bikes or foot the Newburyport rail trail is an easy walk or ride. Heading South on the trail will bring you to Halley’s old-fashioned  ice cream shop!

We have a little screening room called- THE SCREENING ROOM! It is on State St. and always has great films in the evening. Along that stretch on Upper State Street are many antique markets too.

Finished with your tour? Head north to Kittery Foreside for super cool restaurants like Anjou or Anika Jans and a host of artisan shops. Portsmouth is an area I am still exploring but will report back!



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