Winter, Jewelry and March Madness!

earrings_apatite_chandilers_hoops_retouched__46037-1360021113-360-360Drat- it is still Winter. After a week of Spring promise it is freezing in Newburyport, MA and there is no choice but to embrace it! We all like a blazing fire and a romantic dinner to make the Winter enjoyable, but why not top it off with a little piece of jewelry to really warm things up?

When guys come to Pam Older Designs looking for a piece of handmade jewelry for their sweethearts it just touches my heart. We start exploring and looking around the shop and then things start to stand out. Sometimes it is a pair of earrings or a charm that will resonate – recently it was a gold honey bee that caught my customer’s eye. He saw it online and came to Newburyport expressly to take a look at it. Bu, alas, he didn’t love it. I suggested we change it up-use the charm on a necklace that he did like- a soft organic Peruvian Opal strand.  So while he waited, I made the necklace. He left feeling it was worth the trip up to Newburyport from Boston! All of us at my shop find satisfaction at making a happy customer.

A Buddha wrap bracelet for a Yoga practicing wife was another recent solution. Our spiritual Buddha and Om charms struck the right chord. A charm that says “Breath Deeply” is popular for a variety of gifts as well.

One gentleman brought in a very elaborate diamond brooch that he said had sentimental value but never left his wife’s jewelry box. We created a simple gold bangle that it sat upon and now it is worn now all the time. A sentimental gift that was a gorgeous creation and exceeded his expectations.

We carry a large range of unique earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all handmade in our shop- you will never know what you will find. We do custom work too but keep in mind you need 4-6 weeks to go that route.

So before you leave Winter behind and you abandon her for MARCH MADNESS, think about a  roaring fire, a goblet of Cabernet and a sexy pair of long  earrings!img_5283__15048-1470600484-200-285


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