Sillimanite Bracelet by Pam Older Designs

bracelet_sillamonite_thumb clasp

Gorgeous silver clasp accents the sillimanite roundelles. This handmade bracelet is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

A little about the mineral called sillimanite. It has been found in Delaware,Idaho, Massachusetts, Burma and Sri Lanka. It is rarely found in the market- but we got our hands on it and created three very special designs! They are all on my website

Sillimanite is a hard stone and has the same formula as kyanite and andalusite, but it forms at higher temperatures. It can run from transparent to translucent and has a glassy texture. It looks like raw diamonds and comes in many shades from gray to peach, even light blue and green shades.

We saw briolettes and roundelles when we found it but I hear it can be cut into cabochonstoo. Sillimanite is sometimes used to imitate other precious gems like rubies, emeralds, sapphires.Sillimanite is believed to stimulate the production of endorphins and is the sign of Aries and the state mineral of Delaware. So all very interesting, but we like it for the elegant yet earthy polish it imparts when we use it in our handmade jewelry!

A delicate modern lariat

Here are some of our other creations that we designed using sillimanite. They are in my jewelry drawer till someone buys them!

Long SIllimanite Earring with Pyrite Drops, at
Long Sillimanite Earring with Pyrite Drops, at

Brand New Designs!

Golden quartz on a modern silver loopy chain
Golden quartz on a modern silver loopy chain

We have been working tirelessly in our studio to come up with new jewelry for Fall 2014!  My largest customer, the Sundance Catalog, start looking a year before for Fall merchandise.

Lucky for us, most of our handmade designer jewelry is seasonless so you can buy these pieces right now on our website! Her’s our Barcelona Necklace, named after the famous city I have yet to visit! I want to go, so perhaps this will be my tailsman and get me there. Have you been? What were the highlights, I would really love to know!


While we are at it, here are our favorite Barcelona Earrings to go with it! Lightweight silver with the same golden hues of golden semi-precious stones! Rutilated and Whiskey quartz, Mandarin Garnet, cascade from a loopy silver chain.

Pam Older Designs has a brand new website and a great promotional offer- 15% off unique handmade jewelry


Pam Older Designs has a brand new website and a great promotional offer going on from now until November 22nd- 15% off most items and free shipping! Always 100% guarantee on all workmanship- all done in the USA in my studio.

We hope if you don’t know us, you will vist and see our unique handmade jewelry and our two new catagories,  Kids & Teen Jewelry and  Custom Design Jewelry!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

lab and rose quartz post earring sundance catalog

Calling all customers!  This month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Pam Older Designs is asking our customers to buy our beautiful handmade jewelry at These earrings are available through the Sundance Catalog, but contact me if you have trouble finding them there this season.

Using the promo code CURE, our customers will receive 10% off on non-sale items and Pam Older Designs will donate 10% to the National Breast Foundation. I had breast cancer 5 years ago and I am healthy after benefiting from great treatment. Let’s ensure that many more people will be helped from our donations!

Pam Older Designs, Finalist in Contest for Best Handmade Jewelry Designer

IMG_5604On March 7th, 2013, Pam Older was named a finalist for Best Handmade Jewelry Designer, in a contest sponsored by

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I appreciate your support as I always have over the last 10 years, and thank you in advance for your vote! I don’t think there is a prize but the  recognition and publicity will help my business!