Visiting my Indian Sister in Jaipur

stone cutters in Jaipur India

The Stone Cutting Factory

Last February,  I went to Northern India and Nepal and stopped in Jaipur to visit my friends Nidhi and Ranjan at their home and stone cutting factory. Nidhi and I connected right away in person as we had  gotten to know each other through our extensive email correspondence over the years. We had gone through a divorce (mine) and a death of  a loved one (hers) and she was my Indian Sister as soon as we hugged each other at the airport.  They met me with roses and gifts and I was overjoyed to finally be meeting her and Ranjan. Later I met their two children and his parents and was shown how their 8 year old son could preform complex mathematics using an abacus. Two feasts were prepared in my honor. The second could not be served because I was still so full from the first one and from the mid morning samosas & chai, one of the culinary highlights of my life.  I was so sorry, they had gone to such extreme measures to prepare, but I could not possibly eat another bite! After our meal, more gifts were bestowed- a lovely book on India and a traditional painting adorned with stones.

After our meal Ranjan and his number two man brought in satchel upon satchel of beads for me to look at and buy for my handmade jewelry business. They had called in their local bead contacts who sent in valise after valise of bead strands for me to inspect and buy. I bought rubies, chalcedony, apatite, citrine, and my favorite- tanzanite.  One of my new handcrafted hoop earring designs for the Sundance Catalog features these stones- take a look!

After the buying was done, I met the men that cut the premium calipered semiprecious stones that I order for my creations! The crew was so kind – they came in on a holiday to meet me and to show me the sorting, cutting and polishing process that goes into their work. Here is a picture of the small room where they work the top floor of a residential building (Ranjan and Nidhi live below on two floors and renters below that). The center core of the building is open to the sky and on that day we got a wet.  Outside were cows and camels and a man taking a bath in a bucket. This is still Jaipur in 2012.  Go to  for an example of the beautiful lemon quartz briolettes they made for us.

Dreams of Asia

People always ask me where I get my ideas from.  I tell them the inspirations are endless, but Asia is a strong influence when it comes to my color and design sensibility.  Ninety percent of the semiprecious gemstones that I use in my handmade jewelry, come from India.  The stones are mined all over, but generally they are polished and exported from there.  Along with the bold visual aspects of the subcontinent, I am fascinated by the distinct religions, sects and diverse cultures living in close proximity.  I am fascinated by the ancient, ancient history of the kings and warriors and the art that tells it all. The art can surprise you, be it folksy, sophisticated, vivid, subtle, funny or erotic (The Kama Sutra Temples in Khajuraho embodies all those traits).  And then there’s the architecture…well let’s just say they don’t build it like that anymore! The layering of garments and jewelry, the mysterious makeup and veils, the abandon of color, the chaotic city streets, the monkeys in the jungles of Thailand and in the historic forts of India, the distant Himalayas in Nepal and the welcoming people, with the help of my pictures, all live vividly in my memory.