Three Months and Counting

Well I hope to be moving into my new digs and shop in about two months.The shop will be located at 42 Merrimac Street in Newburyport, MA. Come and visit and take a trip to Plum Island for a swim!

Here’s what the new space looks like now BEFORE – stay tune for the AFTER pictures!! Soon I expect to have walls, heat, water and more! For now, I’m just being patient….

The Shop

IMG_0523IMG_0926IMG_1060  IMG_0014

 Construction of my new “mini” loft!


The Art of Jewelry Making

Pam Older Designs is now offering jewelry making courses that will begin with basic beading and progress to wire wrapping. We are also doing beading parties. The cost for the initial class in beading is $225 for 4 sessions with all materials included. Emphasis will be on the creative use of beads. They will be held in my home in Larchmont. Please contact me at if you are interested!