Designing Custom Jewelry


Jewelry designing is not for someone who finds decision making daunting!  My assistants would say that disqualifies me immediately! The truth is I am a pretty good decision maker after years of experience except when faced with a thousand different gemstones, colors, cuts and other materials! Now add all the possible charms like the special one I use on my Buddha Necklace, our popular Breathe Deeply, our Lucky Elephant, Om and Lotus...That’s the dilemma, but also the fun of it.

So how does one chose? Obviously the prettiest combination and the trending styles make influence your choice, but I just ask myself-would I like to wear that right now?

A new piece starts with a simple design, an experimental color combination, and a choice of metals. Then the fun begins, much to the chagrin of my assistants. I usually like to see it in a few variations. At the end of this process there may be a number of new designs and maybe a coordinating collection of bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

But the process of deciding does not end here. I consider pricing- can I make something most people can afford? Do I have the materials in stock? Should I add diamonds? How long does it take to make? All of these considerations go into the mix.

Then I try it on- uh oh..can we change this to silver and make it longer? What if we….I can drive my assistants crazy.

In the end, my collection of handmade jewelry is affordable, pretty and well made. The final result is well considered. If the design is good my customers are going to like it.

The Jewelry Gamble

India inspired this collection!

I am not a gambler or an overzealous investor.  In fact up until 2000 I lead the life of a conventional New York career woman.  When I decided to start Pam Older Designs Jewelry I leap frogged right out of my comfort zone and never felt so comfortable. When you find a passion it can be very enticing to give up security for the unknown, but it isn’t a simple slam dunk.  If you want to read how I  started the second career of my dreams (my first was in magazine publishing)  take a look at my story  at It tells my story of how I unexpectedly found an old passion and turned into a jewelry business on my own terms!

Indian Influenced 18k gold and diamond jewelry