Designing Custom Jewelry


Jewelry designing is not for someone who finds decision making daunting!  My assistants would say that disqualifies me immediately! The truth is I am a pretty good decision maker after years of experience except when faced with a thousand different gemstones, colors, cuts and other materials! Now add all the possible charms like the special one I use on my Buddha Necklace, our popular Breathe Deeply, our Lucky Elephant, Om and Lotus...That’s the dilemma, but also the fun of it.

So how does one chose? Obviously the prettiest combination and the trending styles make influence your choice, but I just ask myself-would I like to wear that right now?

A new piece starts with a simple design, an experimental color combination, and a choice of metals. Then the fun begins, much to the chagrin of my assistants. I usually like to see it in a few variations. At the end of this process there may be a number of new designs and maybe a coordinating collection of bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

But the process of deciding does not end here. I consider pricing- can I make something most people can afford? Do I have the materials in stock? Should I add diamonds? How long does it take to make? All of these considerations go into the mix.

Then I try it on- uh oh..can we change this to silver and make it longer? What if we….I can drive my assistants crazy.

In the end, my collection of handmade jewelry is affordable, pretty and well made. The final result is well considered. If the design is good my customers are going to like it.

Brand New Designs!

Golden quartz on a modern silver loopy chain
Golden quartz on a modern silver loopy chain

We have been working tirelessly in our studio to come up with new jewelry for Fall 2014!  My largest customer, the Sundance Catalog, start looking a year before for Fall merchandise.

Lucky for us, most of our handmade designer jewelry is seasonless so you can buy these pieces right now on our website! Her’s our Barcelona Necklace, named after the famous city I have yet to visit! I want to go, so perhaps this will be my tailsman and get me there. Have you been? What were the highlights, I would really love to know!


While we are at it, here are our favorite Barcelona Earrings to go with it! Lightweight silver with the same golden hues of golden semi-precious stones! Rutilated and Whiskey quartz, Mandarin Garnet, cascade from a loopy silver chain.

Why You Should Add Handmade Designer Jewelry To Your Wardrobe

Some people are hesitant to start investing in handmade jewelry. You shouldn’t be. There are so many great reasons to add beautiful handmade designer jewelry to your wardrobe!

  1. These are pieces you’ll have for a lifetime. The quality of a handmade piece is unmatched, and unlike cheap pieces imported from foreign countries, they won’t fall apart after you wear them a few times. With the proper care, these pieces can be handed down to the next generation.
  2. You’ll have pieces to wear that are totally unique! Most handmade designer jewelry are one-off pieces that you won’t ever see replicated. That means when you show up to an event with your favorite piece on, you won’t see anyone else wearing the same thing.
  3. Purchasing handmade jewelry supports artisans here in the United States. The money stays here, and it gets spent here. You’ll be stimulating the economy while looking gorgeous in your new jewelry!
  4. It’s a boost to your self esteem. You work hard in your life, and between your family, friends, and work, you deserve to have a treat. Buying yourself a special piece of jewelry can be a reminder of your inner worth, and give you a self-confidence boost when you need it most.

What are your favorite reasons to wear handmade designer jewelry from Pam Older Designs? Drop us a note or leave a comment on this post and let us know why you make it a point to buy and wear unique jewelry like ours. We love hearing from you!