The Dogwood Festival in Fairfield Connecticut

I sold my wares at the Dogwood Festival this past weekend and it was a very special event. The area is stunning with flowering trees all around a village green and a white with light blue trimmed New England Church! Just picture perfect and a lovely place to sell my handcrafted jewelry.

Seems like the ladies were partial to light color cluster earrings and I sold a signature cluster necklace in light green garnet with a matching cascade earring to a very lucky woman (her husband, an oncologist also treated his daughter a gift- a pair of loopy hoops in silver!).

To those thinking of selling next year know that it is very well run. They even have people come by and relieve you when you go for made in Vermont homemade ice cream cone!

On May 30-31st I will be at the White Plains show.  I hear it is a huge show! Looking forward to it.